Vikas Kumar Sihag

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With an abundance of social network data being released, the need to protect sensitive information within these networks has become an important concern of data publishers. One of privacy preserving approaches often used is anonymization. This paper focuses on the popular notion of <i>k</i>-anonymization, where <i>k</i> is the required threshold of(More)
Document clustering is used in information retrieval to organize a large collection of text documents into some meaningful clusters. k-means clustering algorithm of pratitional category, performs well on document clustering. k-means organizes a large collection of items into k clusters so that a criterion function is optimized. As it is sensitive to the(More)
There are many existing algorithms efficiently using the immense bandwidth of optical fiber switching by providing a contention free environment. These algorithms use either the hardware based or the software based approaches. Optical routing &amp; buffering and wavelength converters are often employed to provide a solution to the same. In this article, we(More)
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