Vikas Kumar Nayak

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The effect of single oral dose of 1 gm gugulipid was studied on bioavailability of single oral dose of propranolol (40 mg) and diltiazem (60 mg) in 10 and 7 normal healthy male volunteers respectively. It was a randomised within group crossover study. Blood samples were collected at hourly intervals upto 8 hrs. Gugulipid significantly reduced (P < .01) peak(More)
The effect of the menstrual cycle on antipyrine pharmacokinetics was studied in 11 normal, healthy Indian female volunteers. Antipyrine half-life, apparent volume of distribution, clearance and AUC were calculated by standard methods. Results indicated that in females, antipyrine half-life was significantly longer on day 5 as compared with that on days 15(More)
Pathological conditions are known to affect pharmacokinetics of many drugs. Antipyrine half-life is used as a marker of liver microsomal enzyme function. Antipyrine pharmacokinetics, therefore, was investigated in 23 thyrotoxic and 11 euthyroid goitre patients. Of these, 11 thyrotoxic and 9 euthyroid goitre patients also participated in doxycycline(More)
Data Link Layer is the protocol layer which transfers data between connected networks. It provides the functional and procedural means to transfer data between network and its nodes. It also provide the means to rectify the errors and usually correct it that may occur in the Physical Layer. Study and simulate protocol to analyse and find the advantages and(More)
A prospective study was undertaken to determine prognostic markers for patients with obstructive jaundice. Along with routine liver function tests, antipyrine clearance was determined in 20 patients. Four patients died after basal investigations. Five patients underwent definitive surgery. The remaining 11 patients were subjected to percutaneous(More)
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