Vikas Kedigehalli

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Storm has long served as the main platform for real-time analytics at Twitter. However, as the scale of data being processed in real-time at Twitter has increased, along with an increase in the diversity and the number of use cases, many limitations of Storm have become apparent. We need a system that scales better, has better debug-ability, has better(More)
Apache Kafka is a scalable message broker, and Apache Samza is a stream processing framework built upon Kafka. They are widely used as infrastructure for implementing personalized online services and real-time predictive analytics. Besides providing high throughput and low latency, Kafka and Samza are designed with operational robustness and long-term(More)
Twitter generates tens of billions of events per hour when users interact with it. Analyzing these events to surface relevant content and to derive insights in real-time is a challenge. To address this, we developed Heron, a new real time distributed streaming engine. In this paper, we first describe the design goals of Heron and show how the Heron(More)
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