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Heating/frying and reuse of edible fats/oils induces chemical changes such as formation of trans fatty acids (TFAs). The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of heating/frying on formation of TFAs in fats/oils. Using gas chromatography with flame ionisation detector, TFA was estimated in six commonly used fat/oils in India (refined soybean oil,(More)
Physico-chemical characterization of six commercially important Indian bamboo species has been performed. The maximum starch content was found in B. vulgaris, highest hot water soluble constituents noticed in B. pallida, Bangalore, while lowest content of these soluble constituents was observed in B. tulda, Bihar. All the bamboo species have alkali(More)
Severe human health and environmental hazards associated with commercial chemical preservatives has prompted researchers to look for alternative treatment techniques for preservation of bamboo species. In the present study, validation of traditional smoke treatment method to preserve bamboo species (D. strictus) has been performed. Physico-chemical(More)
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