Vikalp Mishra

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Biophysical crop simulation models are normally forced with precipitation data recorded with either gauges or ground-based radar. However, ground-based recording networks are not available at spatial and temporal scales needed to drive the models at many critical places on earth. An alternative would be to employ satellite-based observations of either(More)
Vertical soil moisture profiles based on the principle of maximum entropy (POME) were validated using field and model data and applied to guide an irrigation cycle over a maize field in north central Alabama (USA). The results demonstrate that a simple two-constraint entropy model under the assumption of a uniform initial soil moisture distribution can(More)
The two main objectives of virtual assembly are: (1) to train assembly-operators through virtual assembly models, and (2) to simultaneously evaluate products for ease-of-assembly. The focus of this paper is on developing computational techniques for virtual assembly of thin deformable beam and plate-like objects. To meet the objectives of virtual assembly,(More)
For very large systems of equations arising from 3D finite element formulation, pre-conditioned iterative solvers are preferred over direct solvers due to their reduced memory requirements. However, in the finite-element analysis of thin structures such as beam and plate structures, iterative solvers perform poorly due to the presence of poor quality(More)
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