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Online tax systems are rapidly replacing paper-based tax reporting systems. Promising many advantages over the traditional method of hard copy tax filing, these systems promise faster process, lower costs and increased efficiency. Using a specific language from the Extensible Markup Language family called TaxXML, TIGERS, a government subcommittee for the(More)
Actor and goal modeling frameworks are concerned with the analysis of social phenomena and a number of notations and techniques have been proposed for depicting social behaviors. However, coopetition, which is a specific type of social interaction, has not been explored in the actor and goal modeling literatures. Coopetition, which refers to simultaneous(More)
Executive Summary eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a new technology that is currently being extolled by many industry experts and software vendors. Potentially it represents a platform independent language for sharing information over networks in a way that is much more seamless than with previous technologies. It is extensible in that XML serves as a(More)
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