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uture wireless multimedia terminals will have a variety of applications that require speech recognition capabilities. In this paper, we consider a robust distributed speech recognition system where representative parameters of the speech signal are extracted at the wireless terminal and transmitted to a centralized automatic speech recognition (ASR) server.(More)
In an asynchronous DS-CDMA system of multiple users where the orthogonality of spreading codes is broken, both uplink and downlink receptions face inter-symbol interference (ISI) and multiple access interference (MAI). Compared to traditional receiver techniques which require channel state information (CSI) and spreading codes, detection via blind source(More)
Very high-speed data links from fast-moving mobile terminals to satellites are attractive in many military applications. In order to provide such high-speed data rates we consider a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) free space optical (FSO) system for the earth-to-satellite link. In this case the signal is transmitted via closely-spaced multiple(More)