Vijitashwa Pandey

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Product take-back and reuse is sometimes at odds with the rapidly evolving desires of some customers. For other customers, the environmental benefits of reuse more than compensate for minor drawbacks. " Selling a service " (rather than a product) through leasing enables the manufacturer to control the timing and quality of product take-back but current(More)
Internally funded research to investigate optimization approaches for intractable search spaces. Existing implementation and simulation of Microgrid with Mobile Power Transfer Systems (MPTS) was applied test case for developed techniques. Prior research presented in GVSETS using multiobjective optimization strategies with the Microgrid and MPTS as(More)
An approach for testing methods for decision-making under uncertainty has been proposed by the authors and their coworkers. The testing approach uses data for which the generating mechanism and probability distribution is unknown. The approach simulates a very large number of decisions and outcomes of uncertain events to test methods. The study presented in(More)
The definition of reliability may not be readily applicable for repairable systems. Our recent work has shown that multiple metrics are needed to fully account for the performance of a repairable system under uncertainty. Optimal tradeoffs among a minimal set of metrics can be used in the design and maintenance of these systems. A minimal set of metrics(More)
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