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—This letter demonstrates an ultrafast sample and hold circuit using optically triggered metal–semiconductor–metal switches made of low-temperature-grown GaAs for use in a photonic analog-to-digital conversion system. A differential configuration is incorporated to reduce feedthrough noise.
—We demonstrate 20-GHz input bandwidth of an optoelectronic sample-and-hold circuit using optically triggered metal–semiconductor–metal switches made of low-temperature grown GaAs. Linearity 4 effective-number-of-bits and an estimated 3-dB bandwidth of up to 63 GHz are observed for the sample-and-hold process, making the device a potential candidate for(More)
Monolithic approaches to wavelength converters have been demonstrated and show promise to allow for the high-speed conversion of one wavelength to another without requiring the signal to pass through off-chip electronics. In this paper, we describe our research, undertaken jointly with the University of California at Santa Barbara and with Stanford(More)
Current optical-electronic-optical conversion (o-e-o) technology [1] requires propagating high-speed signals in the electronic domain and cascading separately packaged electronic and optoelectronic devices, resulting in increased cost, size, weight, power consumption, and heat radiation. For o-e-o conversion without the use of conventional electronics, we(More)
We demonstrate proof-of-principle switching of a continuous wave (CW) signal that propagates in a p-in multiple quantum well waveguide illuminated from above with a modulated control beam. We observe modulation of the CW signal at 2.5 GHz using ~ 1mW control beam powers. Desirable features in optically-controlled optical switches include fast operating(More)
We demonstrate 20 giga-sample/s (GSa/s) Nyquist operation capability of a sample and hold circuit using optically triggered metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) switches made of low temperature (LT) grown GaAs. Good linearity and flat frequency response are achieved for the sample and hold process, indicating potential for much higher sampling rates. With the(More)
Erbium-doped materials have been investigated for generating and amplifying light in low-power chip-scale optical networks on silicon, but several effects limit their performance in dense microphotonic applications. Stoichiometric ionic crystals are a potential alternative that achieve an Er(3+) density 100 x greater. We report the growth, processing,(More)
We present a multifunctional photonic switch that monolithically integrates an InGaAsP/InP quantum well electroabsorption modulator and an InGaAs photodiode as a part of an on-chip, InP optoelectronic circuit. The optical multifunctionality of the switch offers many configurations to allow for different optical network functions on a single chip. Here we(More)
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