Vijit A. Sabnis

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We present a dual-diode, InGaAsP/InP quantum-well modulator that incorporates a monolithically-integrated, InGaAs photodiode as a part of its on-chip, InP optoelectronic circuit. We theoretically show that such a dual-diode modulator allows for wavelength conversion with 10-dB RF-extinction ratio using 7 mW absorbed optical power at 10 Gb/s. We(More)
Erbium-doped materials have been investigated for generating and amplifying light in low-power chip-scale optical networks on silicon, but several effects limit their performance in dense microphotonic applications. Stoichiometric ionic crystals are a potential alternative that achieve an Er(3+) density 100 x greater. We report the growth, processing,(More)
We report multifunctional integrated photonic switches that provide optical wavelength conversion across the C-band at 3.5 Gb/s that is electrically packet-switched within a reconfiguration time of <2.5ns. These switches also provide optical packet-switching in <300ps. © 2005 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (250.3140) Integrated optoelectronic(More)
We present a multifunctional photonic switch that monolithically integrates an InGaAsP/InP quantum well electroabsorption modulator and an InGaAs photodiode as a part of an on-chip, InP optoelectronic circuit. The optical multifunctionality of the switch offers many configurations to allow for different optical network functions on a single chip. Here we(More)
We demonstrate 20-GHz input bandwidth of an optoelectronic sample-and-hold circuit using optically triggered metal–semiconductor–metal switches made of low-temperature-grown GaAs. Linearity 4 effective-number-of-bits and an estimated 3-dB bandwidth of up to 63 GHz are observed for the sample-and-hold process, making the device a potential candidate for(More)
Monolithic approaches to wavelength converters have been demonstrated and show promise to allow for the high-speed conversion of one wavelength to another without requiring the signal to pass through off-chip electronics. In this paper, we describe our research, undertaken jointly with the University of California at Santa Barbara and with Stanford(More)
On-chip optical interconnects with wavelength division multiplexing are being pursued as a low-power low-latency high-bandwidth alternative to metal interconnects. Significant research has focused on integrating optical gain material into the Si platform, with III-V wafer bonding to Si being the most successful candidate to date. In addition there is a long(More)
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