Viji Vinod

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The semantic web is that the technology that drives the syntactic search towards the numerous search. Nowadays, there are large styles of applications operating towards semantic web and also the most fascinating among it's tourism that promotes the country's economic standing. The paper has been involved with the event of a model towards semantic search(More)
The paper attempts to propose a fuzzy logic association algorithm to predict the risks involved in identifying diseases like breast cancer. Fuzzy logic algorithm is used to find association rules. The results of the study revealed that the prediction is better reliable than conventional methods.
Sensitivity of breast Magnetic resonance images (MRI) shows an increased rate in detecting small cancer tumors in women at high risk. Breast Magnetic resonance (MR) images offer valuable information about various breast conditions that cannot be obtained by other screening modalities. Breast MR Image segmentation presents many challenges related to shape(More)
The present work investigates the synchronization behavior of four coupled limit cycle oscillators arranged in a ring where the coupling is dissipative in nature. A phase equation for the model (Adler equation) was derived by means of the combined use of Krylov-Bogoliubov method and perturbation technique. These are the governing equations for the phase(More)
The major connector is the most vital component critically subjected to maximal stress concentration due to various forces acting on it. The main requirement of a major connector is its resistance to deformation by occlusal stresses. This resistance to deformation is a direct consequence of the rigidity of the major connector. Thus rigidity of the major(More)
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