Vijendra Singh

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Introduction: There is evidence that the Western type of diet has adverse effects, and prudent dietary patterns may have beneficial effects against deaths from cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. In the present study, we examine the association of dietary patterns with causes of deaths among urban decedents in north India. Subjects and Methods:(More)
— This paper presents the performance analysis of V-BLAST based multiple input multiple output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) system with respect to bit error rate per signal to noise ratio (BER/SNR) for various detection techniques viz zero forcing (ZF), minimum mean square error (MMSE) and maximum likelihood (ML). A 2X2 MIMO-OFDM(More)
BACKGROUND Titanium has been the most popular material of choice for dental implantology over the past few decades. Its properties have been found to be most suitable for the success of implant treatment. But recently, zirconia is slowly emerging as one of the materials which might replace the gold standard of dental implant, i.e., titanium. MATERIALS AND(More)
Feature selection is frequently used as a pre-processing step to machine learning. It is a process of choosing a subset of original features so that the feature space is optimally reduced according to a certain evaluation criterion. The central objective of this paper is to reduce the dimension of the data by finding a small set of important features which(More)
Outliers are the points which are different from or inconsistent with the rest of the data. They can be novel, new, abnormal, unusual or noisy information. Outliers are sometimes more interesting than the majority of the data. The main challenges of outlier detection with the increasing complexity, size and variety of datasets, are how to catch similar(More)
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