Vijender Kaushik

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Spoofing makes the task of identification and tracking back of the perpetrator / initiator in Cyber Crimes very difficult, e.g. the attacks by way of changing its network identifiers in WLANs. In such a scenario, spoof detection methods have gain wide attention. One way to prevent from spoofing is to authenticate the frames. However, in 802.11 WLANs,(More)
Wireless LANs are quite popular and have found wide spread usage amongst various segments. The issue of spoofing, and its detection, in Wireless LANs has been a matter of serious debate and received wide spread attention in research community as well. Spoofing is a potent weapon in the hands of a Cyber Criminal. The very characteristics of spoofing makes(More)
A number of multicast protocols support group communication in mobile ad-hoc networks, i.e. MANET. The main purpose of these protocols is to deliver multicast packets in an efficient and reliable manner. However, a number of issues remain with each of these protocols. By the very characteristic of ad-hoc networks, topological changes are fast, disorderly(More)
This paper identifies some of the open problems with the ad hoc networks. It is observed that to support group communication in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), various multicast protocols have been proposed. The goal of these protocols is to deliver multicast packets to all group members efficiently and reliably. However, still some problems remain with(More)
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