Vijaypal Singh Dhaka

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WAVE/DSRC technology provides various standards for the wireless access in vehicular environment i.e. IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 1609 family. The wireless network is the integration of all type of networks. The vehicular ad hoc network is the sub class of mobile ad hoc network. In vehicular ad hoc network vehicles are serving as nodes and it offers certain(More)
In cloud computing virtual machines are kept on the cloud. Workload of cloud computing differ from one application to other. Load, network needs, bandwidth and other metrics for workload prediction depends upon different characteristics of applications. Different resources required by e-business based website can be acquired from cloud service providers. To(More)
Information Retrieval deals with searching and retrieving information within the documents and it also searches the online databases and internet. Web crawler is defined as a program or software which traverses the Web and downloads web documents in a methodical, automated manner. Based on the type of knowledge, web crawler is usually divided in three types(More)
This paper introduces, a novel steganographic technique for images is proposed which is a type of spatial domain information hiding technique. To hide the secret information in original image or cover image, the effective channel selection technique is used .In the previous image steganographic technique, we hidden the secret data in to the only two, three(More)
In recent years, continuous progress in wireless communication has opened a new research field in computer networks. Now a day’s wireless ad-hoc networking is an emerging research technology that needs attention of the industry people and the academicians. A vehicular ad-hoc network uses vehicles as mobile nodes to create mobility in a network. It’s a(More)
Cloud computing has revolutionized the way the work is done and resources are used. In order to use cloud environment efficiently one need to understand workload and capacity requirements of cloud. Fluctuating workloads can result in mismanagement of cloud resources. Workload prediction is becoming very crucial, as almost every organization is moving(More)
---------------------------------------------------ABSTRACT-----------------------------------------------The associative memory feature of the Hopfield type recurrent neural network is used for the pattern storage and pattern authentication. This paper outlines an optimization relaxation approach for signature verification based on the Hopfield neural(More)
In the modern communication system for Mobile agent, where security is major issue to safe transfer the data by secure method. Mobile agents have autonomous software entity when a mobile agent works in the host environment due to security problem raises during functioning, for the high security it resume its execution in another host after suspend its(More)
Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a provisional network of moving wireless nodes, which have no infrastructural properties. Nodes vigorously exchange data packets among themselves without any reliance on a stationary site. Path connecting source nodes with destination nodes are vulnerable due to moving nature of nodes. This makes communication over ad hoc(More)
As we know that Outlier detection is one of the important aspects of Data Mining, which generally aims to identify potential outliers from datasets. Outliers may sometimes plays important role while taking effective business decisions. This work provides a study of various outlier detection techniques and compares their effectiveness in terms of number of(More)