Vijayanagaram Venkatraj

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An important problem in the study of cancer is the understanding of the heterogeneous nature of the cell population. The clonal evolution of the tumor cells results in the tumors being composed of multiple subpopulations. Each subpopulation reacts differently to any given therapy. This calls for the development of novel (regulatory network) models, which(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of cancer is made difficult by the heterogeneous nature of the cell population. Determining its compositional breakup from measurements of various measurable traits (such as gene expression measurements) is an important problem in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the computational aspect of the problem(More)
An important problem in systems biology is to model gene regulatory networks which can then be utilized to develop novel therapeutic methods for cancer treatment. Knowledge about which proteins/genes are dysregulated in a regulatory network, such as in the Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) Network, can be used not only to decide upon which therapy to(More)
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