Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy

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I n this paper we consider workforce management in repair/maintenance environments in which repairmen are cross-trained fo affend more than one fype of machine. In this confext, we sfudy the machine-repairman problem wifh heferogeneous machines buf with partially cross-trained repairmen. We introduce simple repairman-assignment rules as well as(More)
We consider a finite-population queueing system with heterogeneous classes of customers and a single server. For the case of nonpreemptive service, we fully characterize the structure of the server's optimal service policy that minimizes the total average customer waiting costs. We show that the optimal service policy may never serve some classes of(More)
The " International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences " (IJPBS) is an international journal in English published quarterly. The aim of IJPBS is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles rapidly without delay in the developing field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences And indexed/catalogued in many more university
Parkinson disease (PD) is one of the neurodegenerative disease and oxidative stress plays a vital role in its causation. The present study was carried out to evaluate the role of hesperidin in the expression of SNCA, LRRK2, Parkin and PINK1 during 6 hydroxydopamine induced Parkinson rat model. Animals were divided into 5 groups: GroupI served as normal.(More)
The present study attempts to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of the ethanol extract of Bauhinia variegata leaves (EBV). Antibacterial activity was tested against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Antifungal activity was evaluated against two dermatophytes (Trychophyton mentagrophytes ,Trychophyton rubrum), one non-dermatophyte (Aspergillus(More)
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