Vijaya Sekhar

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The topography of long hair sensilla on the coxae of walking legs and pedipalps of the scorpionHeterometrus fulvipes is described. Identified long hair sensilla are cobalt filled, and central projections of sensory fibres are reported for the first time in the suboesophageal ganglion of this scorpion. The afferent fibres arising from each long hair sensilla(More)
India is the fastest growing mobile subscribers market in the world with more than 850 million subscribers. Mobile phones have become an important component in Indian household. m-Governance is envisaged to propel the functioning of the government, at the next higher level. In this paper, we analyze the true potential of m-Governance in the Indian scene.(More)
Ventriculo-Peritoneal shunt is the most Many complications are reported, of which the shunt malfunction encountered. These common complications can be minimized, by precautions like operating shunt cases, as the first thoroughly scrubbing the part for minimum five minutes. However, in few cases, experienced hands and with all precautions through anus,(More)
The aim of this research work is to enhance the bandwidth of an octagonal shaped microstrip patch antenna. For this purpose stacking concept has been used. Electromagnetic coupling is provided between the top and bottom patch. The dielectric substrate material of the antenna is glass epoxy FR4 having ?r=4. 4 and loss tangent 0. 025. The performance of the(More)
‘Infrastructure’ is relevant to many sectors agriculture, health, education, transportation, energy and technology. The infrastructure that we are referring here is directly related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The government role is to ‘serve citizen’ and ‘govern’ smoothly and deliver public services efficiently. With two decades(More)
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