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Cloud Computing and the Lessons from the Past
The authors believe that the next generation cloud evolution is a fundamental transformation – and not just an evolutionary stack of XaaS implementations, which will enable global service collaboration networks utilizing optimally distributed and managed computing, network and storage resources driven in real?time by business priorities. Expand
Next Generation Cloud Computing Architecture: Enabling Real-Time Dynamism for Shared Distributed Physical Infrastructure
A reference model for a network-centric datacenter infrastructure management stack that borrows and applies key concepts that have enabled dynamism, scalability, reliability and security in the telecom industry, to the computing industry is proposed and described. Expand
An overview of GOOD
The main thrust behind the project is to indicate general concepts that are fundamental to any graph-oriented database user-interface, and the idea of graph-pattern matching as a uniform object manipulation primitive offers a uniform framework in which this can be accomplished. Expand
Algebraic foundation and optimization for object based query languages
The Tarski algebra, an algebraic foundation for object-based query languages, is presented and the graphical representation of queries in combination with the Tarska algebra is shown to be a convenient mechanism for effective query optimization. Expand
An Object Based Algebra for Parallel Query Processing and Optimization
This work demonstrates by showing how queries expressed in a graph-oriented query language (based on the functional data model) can be translated into the Tarski algebra and proposes extensions to this algebraic framework that facilitate parallel query processing and address the issue of parallel query optimization. Expand
Book Reviews
Rural development has been redefined in the past two decades as essentially arising from within the target community or "bottom-up" rather than policy directed or "top-down." In this context, it isExpand
Strength and Short Term Durability of Steel Waste and Polystyrene Based Concrete
Concrete is an eminent material in the field of engineering, production of light weight material and replacement of waste in concrete is a complex task. This present work shows the results of anExpand
Assessing Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise between Gopalpur and Puri, Odisha Coast of India, using Remote Sensing and GIS
The study location is about 128 km coastal stretch between Gopalpur and Puri district of the Odisha state, it is located north east coast stretch of India. The coastline,which includes harbour,Expand
Experimental Analysis of Stabilization of Soil by using Plastic Waste
The term soil stabilization means the improvement of the stability or bearing capacity of the soil. It can be done by compaction or addition of suitable admixtures. The cost of introducing additivesExpand