Vijaya Raghavan

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2 Summary Sentence: The androgen dependent and postnatally expressed nature of HOXBES2 homeoprotein implicates its probable functional role in the cascade of androgen regulated events in the epididymis. ABSTRACT 25 The multifunctional and androgen regulated epididymis with distinct delineation of specific segments and a constellation of region-specific gene(More)
Concerns about greenhouse gas emissions have increased research efforts into alternatives in bio-based processes. With regard to transport fuel, bioethanol and biodiesel are still the main biofuels used. It is expected that future production of these biofuels will be based on processes using either non-food competing biomasses, or characterised by low CO₂(More)
The molecular dynamic (MD) modeling approach was applied to evaluate the effect of an external electric field on soybean hydrophobic protein and surface properties. Nominal electric field strengths of 0.002 V/nm and 0.004 V/nm had no major effect on the structure and surface properties of the protein isolate but the higher electric field strength of 3 V/nm(More)
—Considering Radio Frequency (RF) heating as a viable alternative for the in-shell heating of eggs, Finite Element Modeling and simulation of RF heating of in-shell eggs at 27.12 MHz were carried out to assess the feasibility and heating uniformity of the process. According to the recommendations of USDA-FSIS for the pasteurization of eggs, egg white must(More)
Photosensitizers (PSs) have shown great potentials as molecular contrast agents in photodynamic diagnosis (PDD) of cancer. While the diagnostic values of PSs have been proven previously, little efforts have been put into developing optical imaging and diagnostic algorithms. In this article, we review the recent development of optical probes that have been(More)
A number of neuronal and glial proteins were previously found to be released in free-standing soluble form from cultured brain cells into cell-conditioned media. Here, we sought to examine if similar proteins are also contained in neural and astroglial cell-released extracellular microvesicles/exosomes (MV/E). In this study, MV/E were isolated from(More)
In this study, our aim is to evaluate the global scientific publications produced in the field of food allergy over the past 14 years. The Web of Science was considered as the primary database consisting of both Science Citation Index and Social Sciences Citation Index. This analysis provides an insight into the number of papers, journals, subjects,(More)
The dielectric properties of a methanol-water mixture were measured at different temperatures from 20 to 80 °C at two frequencies 915 MHz and 2450 MHz. These frequencies are most commonly used on industrial and domestic scales respectively. In this study, the dielectric properties of a methanol-water mixture were found to be dependent on temperature,(More)
A molecular dynamic (MD) modeling approach was applied to evaluate the effect of external electric field on gliadin protein structure and surface properties. Static electric field strengths of 0.001 V/nm and 0.002 V/nm induced conformational changes in the protein but had no significant effect on its surface properties. The study of hydrogen bond evolution(More)
Flax stems of Modran variety were subjected to water retting under laboratory conditions and its physical properties were compared with non-retted fibers. Physical properties including percentage of impurities, weighted average length, linear density, tenacity and elongation were analyzed and the results were compared. The analysis of retted and non-retted(More)