Vijaya Krishna

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Cognitive Radio has attracted a lot of attention in the recent past due to the promise of a better utilization of the available spectrum. However, it faces many constraints in its implementation. Current spectrum sensing techniques are either computationally expensive or are not accurate enough. We propose a compressive signal processing (CSP) based(More)
This paper deals with the problem of designing zero forcing finite impulse response (ZF-FIR) equalizers for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) FIR channels, in a polynomial matrix framework. When channel knowledge is available at the transmitter, a precoding operation, which introduces redundancy, can be performed to enable FIR equalization at the(More)
-The proposed system presents a novel approach of building a secure data hiding technique of steganography using integer wavelet transform along with Genetic algorithm. The novel scheme embeds data in integer wavelet transform coefficients by using a mapping function based on Genetic Algorithm in an 8x8 block on the cover image. The optimal pixel adjustment(More)
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has grown to a popular communication technique for high speed communication in the last decade. OFDM is an important member of the multicarrier modulation (MC) techniques and it has been adopted as a standard for various high data rate wireless communication systems due to its spectral bandwidth efficiency,(More)
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