Vijaya Kathiravan

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I. INTRODUCTION A MANET is an autonomous collection of mobile users that communicate over relatively bandwidth constrained wireless links. Since the nodes are mobile, the network topology may change rapidly and unpredictably over time. The network is decentralized; where all network activity including discovering the topology and delivering messages must be(More)
The conventional learning environment is being rapidly supplemented by an E-Learning environment, particularly Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). Each learner has different learning status and therefore should use different test items in their evaluation. The Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) can adjust the degree of difficulty of test items dynamically(More)
The authors have reported the use of nanopolymers for the inhibition of shrimp pathogenic bacteria for aquaculture use. The antimicrobial activity of polyethylene glycols based amphiphilic polymers have different linker molecules such as suberic acid, adipic acid, glutaric acid and dimethyl-5-hydroxyisophthalate on Vibrio harveyi. It was examined by drawing(More)
In the title compound, C26H26N2O2, the piperidine ring exhibits a chair conformation. The phenyl rings are attached to the central heterocycle in an equatorial position. The dihedral angle between the planes of the phenyl rings is 57.58 (8)°. In the crystal, C-H⋯O inter-actions connect the mol-ecules into zigzag chains along [001].
" Big Data is the Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity " [1]. Big data is massive and messy and it's generated at a very fast rate. These characteristics pose a problem for data storage and processing, but focusing on these factors has resulted in a lot navel-gazing. The data which are generated by social network includes structured(More)
Search Engine spam is a web page or a portion of a web page which has been created with the intention of increasing its ranking in search engines. Web spamming refers to actions intended to mislead search engines and give some pages higher ranking than they deserve. Anyone who uses a search engine frequently has most likely encountered a high ranking page(More)
An Impact Factor is one measure of the relative importance of a journal, individual article or scientist to science and social science literature and research. Each index or database used to create an impact factor uses a different methodology and produces slightly different results, revealing the importance of using several sources to judge the true impact(More)
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