Vijaya K. Shandilya

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In multi-hop wireless systems, the need for cooperation among nodes to relay each other's packets exposes them to a wide range of security attacks. A particularly devastating attack is the wormhole attack, where a malicious node records control traffic at one location and tunnels it to another compromised node, possibly far away, which replays it(More)
We have recently witnessed the series of bomb blasts in Mumbai which killed and left many injured, left the world in shell shock and the Indians in terror. This situation is not limited to India but it can happen anywhere and anytime in the world. Here we show you the technology which predicts the suicide bombers and explosion of weapons through, IMAGING(More)
Image fusion is the approach to get one composite output image from number of variety of input images. We can fuse images which are out of focus, here images of different focal length are considered as input whereas output image is expected to be clear and visible. There are various types of sensors available today having wide variety of focal length and(More)
With the recent rapid developments in the field of sensing technologies, multisensory systems have become a reality in a growing number of fields such as remote sensing, medical imaging, machine vision and the military applications for which they were first developed. The result of the use of these techniques is a great increase of the amount of data(More)
American Sign Language (ASL) is a well developed and standard way of communication for hearing impaired people living in English speaking communities. Since the advent of modern technology, different intelligent computer-aided application have been developed that can recognize hand gesture and hence translates gestures into understandable forms. In this(More)
Image quality assessment (IQA) has been recognized as an effective and efficient way to predict the visual quality of distorted images. Various wavelet transforms based methods are used to extract singularity structures, but they fail to explicitly extract the image geometric information, e.g., lines and curves. In this paper we develop a novel framework(More)
The quality of image is most important factor in image processing, to evaluate the quality of image various methods have been used. Proposed system defines one of the best methods in image quality assessment. Proposed system calculates the image quality assessment using normalized histogram. Sender send the image to the receiver, after receiving the image,(More)
We propose a method of initial seed selection used for color image segmentation. In this paper Initial seed selection is a starting stage of color image segmentation. This method is based on HSV color model. Here we use two details; one is non-edge pixels and second is smoothness feature of the pixels. The non-edge pixels and smoothness at pixel’s neighbor(More)