Vijaya K. Ghorpade

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In object recognition techniques, specially feature-based methods, a fundamental step is to extract keypoints which are distinct and considerably interesting in the image. There are many different keypoint detectors already available, each with its own specific use and results vary enormously. It is widely agreed that evaluation of feature detectors is(More)
The accelerated advancement in modeling, digitizing, and visualizing techniques for 3D shapes has led to an increasing amount of 3D models creation and usage, thanks to the 3D sensors which are readily available and easy to utilize. As a result, determining the similarity between 3D shapes has become consequential and is a fundamental task in shape-based(More)
Segmentation methods based on energy minimization techniques like geodesic active contour model generally needs manual intervention to provide initial points to calculate minimal paths. In this paper, we propose complete automation of segmentation. Seeds and Tips are automatically detected, and geodesics are calculated using Anisotropic Fast Marching(More)
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