Vijaya Bhaskar Velpula

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─Early detection of employees' improper access to sensitive or valuable data is critical to limiting negative financial impacts to an organization, including regulatory penalties for misuse of customer data that results from these insider attacks. This paper focuses primarily on the techniques for detecting insider attacks, but also discusses the processes(More)
The analysis of moving entities “trajectories” is an important task in different application domains, since it enables the analyst to design, evaluate and optimize navigation spaces. Trajectory clustering is aimed at identifying the objects moving in similar paths and it helps the analysis and obtaining of efficient patterns. Since clustering depends mainly(More)
Students with different behaviors joined in the educational institutions create different problems in class. To bring them in right path, mentors should be able to find such candidates in the class. Since these students are different in behavior, the teaching faculty should not teach the common approach of teaching for all students. These people would have(More)
Students are generally forced by their parents to take different courses without knowing their inner ability and their interest. To choose suitable course it is necessary to assess their learning styles and inner ability. In this paper the learning styles of students have been assessed based on Felder and Silverman's “Index of Learning Styles(More)
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