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Resolving cases of ambiguity due to differences in the syntactic form of grammatical rules in source and target languages is a major challenge in the development of a Machine Aided Translation (MAT) system. The primary focus in this paper is laid on translation of text from English to Hindi, one among the most popular Indian languages. Producing an(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), there are one or more sinks or base stations and many sensor nodes distributed over wide area. Sensor nodes have restricted power. When a particular event is occurred, these sensor nodes can transmit large volume of data towards the sink. It can result in buffer overflow at the nodes. It causes packet drops and also(More)
Technological advances and rapid development of handheld wireless terminals have facilitated the rapid growth of wireless communications and mobile computing. Essentially we have a limited resource transmission spectrum, which must be shared by several users. Since the available frequency spectrum is limited the channels must be reused as much as possible(More)
— In this paper, we are interested in optimizing the delay of event-driven wireless sensor networks, for which events does not occur frequently. In such systems, most of the energy is consumed when the radios are on, waiting for an arrival to occur. Sleep-wake scheduling is an effective mechanism to prolong the lifetime of this energy constrained wireless(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have become an very important technology for many applications such as the monitor and control of physical environment in Military, Industry and civilian areas, Home automation, Disaster monitoring and control, Target detection, Target tracking, Tactical systems and so on. Since power requirement of sensor nodes is depends on(More)
Less than a century since the automobile was made affordable enough for the general public, hundreds of millions of vehicles now travel along highways and streets around the world. Innovations in safety, comfort, and convenience have made vast improvements in automobiles during that time, and now new technologies promise to change the face of vehicular(More)
Now-a-days Wireless Sensor Networks plays predominant role in the communication domain. The data to be disseminated from multiple sources to the destination base station or sink is having vital significance. There are many problems with which data can be conveyed up to the sink. The congestion, reliability, delay, fairness, etc. are of main concern. These(More)
This paper describes seamless mobility management in mobile Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) for patient monitoring system. Nowadays super specialty hospitals are generally equipped with more electronic medical devices which results in high level of electromagnetic interference that lead to failure of medical monitoring device. In order to overcome these(More)
Spectrum inefficiency is the major problem in the wireless technology. To negotiate this problem the technology called cognitive radio is introduced which is based on software defined radio (SDR). It additionally senses the environment with the help of secondary user to utilize the licensed band when primary user is not accessing the spectrum. Security and(More)
— Since last decade, the challenge and issues of Vehicular ad-hoc Network (VANET) have attracted the researchers from academia as well as industry for research towards the safety on road. Due to High velocity of vehicles on highway the major challenge is to maintain route information consistent and improvements in data packet delivery. In this paper we(More)