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Fully automatic wrapper generation for search engines
When a query is submitted to a search engine, the search engine returns a dynamically generated result page containing the result records, each of which usually consists of a link to and/or snippetExpand
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A critical investigation of recall and precision as measures of retrieval system performance
Recall and precision are often used to evaluate the effectiveness of information retrieval systems. They are easy to define if there is a single query and if the retrieval result generated for theExpand
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On modeling of information retrieval concepts in vector spaces
The Vector Space Model (VSM) has been adopted in information retrieval as a means of coping with inexact representation of documents and queries, and the resulting difficulties in determining theExpand
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On the reuse of past optimal queries
Vijay V. Raghavan Hayri Sever The Center for Advanced Computer Studies The Department of Computer Science University of Southwestern Louisiana University of Southwestern Louisiana Lafayette, LAExpand
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Design and evaluation of algorithms for image retrieval by spatial similarity
Similarity-based retrieval of images is an important task in many image database applications. A major class of users' requests requires retrieving those images in the database that are spatiallyExpand
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Vector Space Model of Information Retrieval - A Reevaluation
In this paper we, in essence, point out that the methods used in the current vector based systems are in conflict with the premises of the vector space model. The considerations, naturally, lead toExpand
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BitCube: A Three-Dimensional Bitmap Indexing for XML Documents
XML is a new standard for exchanging and representing information on the Internet. Documents can be hierarchically represented by XML-elements. In this paper, we propose that an XML documentExpand
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NoSQL Systems for Big Data Management
The advent of Big Data created a need for out-of-the-box horizontal scalability for data management systems. This ushered in an array of choices for Big Data management under the umbrella term NoSQL.Expand
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Information Retrieval on the World Wide Web
Effective search and retrieval are enabling technologies for realizing the full potential of the Web. The authors examine relevant issues, including methods for representing document content. TheyExpand
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