Vijay Subramanian

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This article discusses the development of a sensor fusion system for guiding an autonomous vehicle through citrus grove alleyways. The sensor system for path finding consists of machine vision and laser radar. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is used for detecting the tilt of the vehicle, and a speed sensor is used to find the travel speed. A fuzzy logic(More)
Previous studies have shown that intrabronchial administration of antibodies (Abs) to MHC class I resulted in development of obliterative airway disease (OAD), a correlate of chronic human lung allograft rejection. Since development of Abs specific to mismatched donor HLA class II have also been associated with chronic human lung allograft rejection, we(More)
We consider the general problem of resource sharing in societal networks, consisting of interconnected communication , transportation, energy and other networks important to the functioning of society. Participants in such network need to take decisions daily, both on the quantity of resources to use as well as the periods of usage. With this in mind we(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my adviser, Professor Robert P. Dick, for his invaluable guidance, advice, and support through my PhD study. He conceived the original ideas of this thesis, and helped me refine research problems and overcome technical barriers. His way of problem-solving and attitude towards work have also influenced my practice in(More)
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