Vijay Ramani

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The spontaneous pseudoseizures resembling tonic-clonic seizures in 25 patients were recorded on simultaneous videotape and electroencephalograms and were compared with the seizures recorded from 25 patients with true tonic-clonic epileptic events. The goal of the comparison was to identify bedside clinical criteria to assist in differentiating between the(More)
We studied a 24-year-old man who had reading epilepsy after removal of a left frontal arteriovenous malformation. Lesion analysis by means of a neuroanatomic template placed a 2-cm region of encephalomalacia anterior to the left central sulcus in premotor cortex (Brodmann's area 6). Lexical and nonlexical reading activation tests demonstrated seizures(More)
Nineteen epileptic patients with significant history of episodic aggressive behavior were subjected to intensive behavioral and electrophysiologic monitoring for an average period of six weeks in a specialized inpatient facility. Numerous seizures were recorded in these patients but none disclosed ictal aggression. Only two patients showed episodic(More)
We present an unbiased method to globally resolve RNA structures through pairwise contact measurements between interacting regions. RNA proximity ligation (RPL) uses proximity ligation of native RNA followed by deep sequencing to yield chimeric reads with ligation junctions in the vicinity of structurally proximate bases. We apply RPL in both baker's yeast(More)
Ten epileptic patients developed interictal psychosis while being treated in hospital for seizure control. They were subjected to intensive behavioral, video-electroencephalographic, and serum anticonvulsant monitoring for an average of 7.1 weeks in a specialized epilepsy unit. In 9 patients, the interictal psychosis was indistinguishable from acute(More)
In mammals, one of the female X chromosomes and all imprinted genes are expressed exclusively from a single allele in somatic cells. To evaluate structural changes associated with allelic silencing, we have applied a recently developed Hi-C assay that uses DNase I for chromatin fragmentation to mouse F1 hybrid systems. We find radically different(More)
In a case of primary reading epilepsy, seizures were consistently triggered by reading, and the associated EEG abnormalities were clearly lateralized to the dominant hemisphere. On the basis of detailed EEG and activation studies, it is concluded that seizures in this patient were evoked by higher cognitive processes associated with language functions and(More)