Vijay Raghavan

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Most engines used for searching information resources via the Internet employ the Boolean Retrieval Model. Two main drawbacks of this model are that users have difficulty to precisely formulate their concept (or, topic) of interest using Boolean logic and the resulting output is not ranked. We propose to address both these problems by employing a(More)
The recent emergence of a new class of systems for data management has challenged the well-entrenched relational databases. These systems provide several choices for data management under the umbrella term NoSQL. Making a right choice is critical to building applications that meet business needs. Performance, scalability and cost are the principal business(More)
Location-based online collaborative platforms are proving to be an effective and widely adopted solution for geospatial data collection, update and sharing. Popular collaborative projects like OpenStreetMap, Wikimapia and other services that collect and publish user-generated geographic contents have been fostered by the increasing availability of(More)
ion. For example, the program of study a student in a data source can be specified as Graduate Program (higher level of abstraction), while the program of study of a different student in the same data source (or even a different data source) can be specified as Doctoral Program (lower level of abstraction). 2005 IEEE ICDM Workshop on KADASH 5 The workshop(More)
Web-based information retrieval systems may result in poor levels of precision and recall when users are required to articulate their own queries. Concept-based information retrieval attempts to solve this problem by allowing users to select from concept definitions specified by experts. However, it is unrealistic to expect experts to define every concept(More)
Many information resources available over the Internet only provide browsing and pre-defined navigation capabilities. If the user is interested in simple word matches on documents as a whole, search engines such as Yahoo or AltaVista may be adequate. For resources of high volume, the user should be able to specify preferences and just obtain the relevant(More)