Vijay Prakash

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Many frequent sequential traversal pattern mining algorithms have been developed which mine the set of frequent subsequences traversal pattern satisfying a minimum support constraint in a session database. However, previous frequent sequential traversal pattern mining algorithms give equal weightage to sequential traversal patterns while the pages in(More)
-In this paper we presents a method for handling multiple metrics and different network parameters simultaneously to analyze the loss factor of routing protocols in mobile ad hoc network(MANET) environments. We have used Taguchi’ loss function to determine the best parameters giving maximum throughput, packet delivery ratio (PDR), average delay, DROP and(More)
Wandering spleen is a rare occurrence. Torsion of the splenic pedicle is the major life-threatening complication of this entity. Preoperative diagnosis is based on radiological investigation. We report two consecutive cases, one adult and one child, in whom torsion in a wandering spleen was diagnosed based on a typical whirled appearance of the splenic(More)
Cloud is a concept of accessing the data from their own datacenters such that the chances of eavesdropping have been reduced and storage cost is reduced. Here in this paper we are giving a brief survey of various cloud based technique implemented so far. Although there are various techniques implemented so far for the cloud computing but here we are giving(More)
Embedded Systems can be engineered using Clean room Software Engineering methodology (CRSE) as it considers all the quality issues as integral part of the CRSE Life cycle model and lays stress on the reduced size and effort of testing through statistical use testing. Both CRSE and embedded systems development methodologies are based on stimulus-response(More)
Aneurysm of the cystic artery is not common, and it is a rare cause of hemobilia. Most of reported cases are pseudoaneurysms resulting from either an inflammatory process in the abdomen or abdominal trauma. We report a healthy individual who developed hemobilia associated with cystic artery aneurysm. The patient was managed with cholecystectomy and(More)
Workflow has been used for effective execution of various cloud application. Workflow can be defined as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) that allows proper management of resources with use of efficient scheduling approach. In this paper, work has been focused on implementation of workflow scheduling that reduces the overall execution time of jobs in the(More)
The rapid development of wireless digital communication technology and the corresponding network software systems have created new horizons for communication beyond the Internet realizing the connected society. Among them, the field of mobile ad hoc networking is experiencing unprecedented growth in its scale and application diversity. Without requiring the(More)
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a gathering of wireless nodes communicating with each other in the absence of any immovable infrastructure. The study of MANETs is a developing area of research. Efforts have been made for achieving efficient broadcasting in MANETs. As an example, several routing protocols such as, Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), Ad hoc On(More)
Cognitive radio (CR) is an engineering that addresses the issue of shortage of range and prepares for efficient utilization of the same. Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks (CRSN) requests vitality effective and a practical co-agent range sensing procedures which performs well in blurring and shadowing environment with ideal qualities of sensing parameters at(More)