Vijay Prabhakar

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In this study we examined whether monocytic cell attachment to vascular endothelium was affected by elevating shear stress at a constant shear rate. Contact time, which is inversely related to the shear rate, was fixed and viscosity elevated with dextran to increase the shear stress (and hence the net force on the cell) independently of shear rate. At a(More)
Intrusion detection systems need to maximize security while minimizing costs. In this paper, we study the problem of building cost-sensitive intrusion detection models. We examine the major cost factors: development costs, operational costs, damage costs incurred due to intrusions, and the costs involved in responding to intrusions. We propose(More)
The acceptability of Swiss cheese largely depends on the flavor profile, and strain variations of cheese cultures will affect the final quality. Conventional biochemical methods to identify the cultures at the strain level are time-consuming and expensive, and require skilled labor. Our objective was to develop rapid classification methods of starter(More)
Due to Technology scaling the importance of leakage power has significantly increased in the modern day system-on-chip devices. The runtime leakage component during the active state is almost becoming equal to the standby leakage component. Hence Present day research is more focused on reduction of runtime leakage current .we present a novel runtime leakage(More)
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