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In October 2007, a joint ANRS-NIH workshop was held on "Mucosal immunity and HIV/AIDS vaccines" in Veyrier-du-Lac, France. Goal of the meeting was to discuss recent developments in the understanding of viral entry and dissemination at mucosal surfaces, rationale for designing vaccines to elicit mucosal immune responses by various routes of immunization, and(More)
Although 80% of HIV infections occur through mucosal routes and vaccine strategies need to be designed for inducing protective immune responses at the site of the viral entry, it has proven to be very challenging to measure these responses. A 2-day workshop was convened by Division of AIDS, National Institutes of Health on June 15-16, 2009 to address the(More)
Fiber optics has long been a successful mode of telecommunication due to its high transmission speed with very low losses compared to electrical cables. Using light to transmit data is much more efficient than electrical signals. Light polarized at a particular angle travels faster; this polarized light can then be modulated with the required data that(More)
This article describes a flexible architecture for developing services-based business applications that use component-based architectural services to demarcate the application into various tiers that enable the decoupling of each layer, both logically and physically. This provides the speed and flexibility needed to embrace new product ideas, channels, and(More)
The varied forms of leprosy form a clinical and immunological spectrum which offers extraordinary possibilities for insight into immunoregulatory mechanisms in man. At one pole, tuberculoid leprosy, patients develop high levels of cell-mediated immunity which ultimately results in killing of bacilli in the tissues, albeit often with damage to nerves. At the(More)
A recombinant DNA expression strategy has been used to deduce the amino acid sequences of six different antigenic determinants in a single protein of Mycobacterium leprae, the etiologic agent of leprosy. The gene encoding the M. leprae 65-kDa antigen was sequenced and a Xgtll gene sublibrary was constructed with fragments of the gene. Recombinant DNA clones(More)
The Division of AIDS Vaccine Research Program funds the discovery and development of HIV/AIDS vaccine candidates. Basic researchers, having discovered a potential vaccine in the laboratory, next want to take that candidate into the clinic to test the concept in humans, to see if it translates. Many of them have heard of "cGMP" and know that they are(More)
This paper solves the Non Linear Schrodinger Equation using the Split Step Fourier method for modeling an optical fiber. The model generates a complex wave of optical pulses and using the results obtained two graphs namely Loss versus Wavelength and Dispersion versus Wavelength are generated. Taking Chromatic Dispersion and Polarization Mode Dispersion(More)
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