Vijay M. Wadhai

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Clustering is a partition of data into a group of similar or dissimilar data points and each group is a set of data points called clusters. Clustering is an unsupervised learning with no predefined class label for the data points. Clustering is considered an important tool for data mining. Clustering has many applications such as pattern recognition, image(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have become an very important technology for many applications such as the monitor and control of physical environment in Military, Industry and civilian areas, Home automation, Disaster monitoring and control, Target detection, Target tracking, Tactical systems and so on. Since power requirement of sensor nodes is depends on(More)
Resolving cases of ambiguity due to differences in the syntactic form of grammatical rules in source and target languages is a major challenge in the development of a Machine Aided Translation (MAT) system. The primary focus in this paper is laid on translation of text from English to Hindi, one among the most popular Indian languages. Producing an(More)
A flexible framework that performs real-time analysis of physiological data to monitor people's health conditions is discussed in this paper. Patients suspected of suffering sleep apnea and hypopnea syndrome (SAHS) have to undergo sleep studies such as expensive polysomnography to be diagnosed. Healthcare professionals are constantly looking for ways(More)
Classification is an important problem in data mining. Given a database of records, each with a class label, a classifier generates a concise and meaningful description for each class that can be used to classify subsequent records. A number of popular classifiers construct decision trees to generate class models. These classifiers first build a decision(More)
We have presented the issues and proposed system for design and architecture of our own innovative work about the Location Based System for Mobile Devices based on integration of RFID and wireless technology.Wireless technologies are capable of supporting mobility for users,and thus are popularly adopted to access the Internet today.As long as the position(More)
Automatic robot navigation is being utilized in many industries for the purpose of high speed work delivery. Color follower, fix path follower robots are current solution to this activities but dynamic path configuration is not possible in these robots. Hence new system proposes effective and fully dynamic path follower robots using RFID and directional(More)
In this paper, we are interested in optimizing the delay of event-driven wireless sensor networks, for which events does not occur frequently. In such systems, most of the energy is consumed when the radios are on, waiting for an arrival to occur. Sleep-wake scheduling is an effective mechanism to prolong the lifetime of this energy constrained wireless(More)
In today’s world, healthcare is the most important factor affecting human life. Due to heavy work load it is not possible for personal healthcare. The proposed system acts as a preventive measure for determining whether a person is fit or unfit based on his/her historical and real time data by applying clustering algorithms viz. K-means and D-stream. Both(More)
Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders with strong adverse effects on personal and social functioning which can hamper the lives of individuals. The absence of any objective diagnostic aid for depression leads to a range of biases in the diagnosis and ongoing monitoring. This study throws light upon the contribution of gestures and(More)