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We present a transaction commit protocol " Transaction Commit On Timeout (TCOT) " based on a " timeout " approach for Mobile Database Systems (MDS), which can be universally used to reach a final transaction termination decision (e.g., commit, abort, etc.) in any message oriented system. Particularly suited for a wireless environment, a timeout mechanism is(More)
Mobile computing has the potential for managing information globally. Data management issues in mobile computing have received some attention in recent times, and the design of <italic>adaptive braodcast protocols</italic> has been posed as an important probllem. Such protocols are employed by database servers to decide on the content of bbroadcasts(More)
We consider queries which originate from a mobile unit and whose result depends on the location of the user who initiates the query. Examples of such queries arc: find the nearest service provider, what are the traffic conditions on a roUie. We execute such queries based on location-dependent dala involved in their processing. To facilitate(More)
ÐAfter a ªboomº period from the late 80s to the early 90s, there appears to have been a reduction in the amount of work published on Concurrency Control (CC) in real-time database systems (RTDBS) in general and firm RTDBS in particular. This may be because existing paradigms (e.g., Optimistic CC) have been pushed to their limits and it is difficult to(More)
Agro-industrial wastes such as sugarcane bagasse, wheat bran, rice bran, corn cob and wheat straw are cheapest and abundantly available natural carbon sources. The present study was aimed to production of amylase and xylanase simultaneously using agro-industrial waste as the sole carbon source. Seven thermophilic strains of actinomycete were isolated from(More)