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BACKGROUND For patients with Indian visceral leishmaniasis, amphotericin B deoxycholate is usually given as 15 alternate-day infusions of 1 mg/kg over 30 days (total dose, 15 mg/kg); daily treatment with 1 mg/kg for 20 days (total dose, 20 mg/kg) is also used. This study was done to address the unsettled therapeutic questions of administration schedule(More)
Healthy Indian adult volunteers, with or without a history of leishmaniasis, were evaluated for evidence of previous infection with Leishmania donovani based on the direct agglutination test (DAT). Three cohorts of 6 DAT-negative and 6 DAT-positive subjects were enrolled in an open-label, dose-escalating, uncontrolled clinical trial and received three(More)
BACKGROUND Patient information leaflets (PILs) are the most important information source for older patients to effectively manage their drug therapy. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to evaluate the appropriateness of current available PILs for use by older adults. METHODS The content of the PILs were assessed by checking the availability of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The over-the-scope clip (OTSC) is a device used for endoscopic closure of perforations, leaks and fistulas, and for endoscopic hemostasis. To evaluate the clinical effectiveness and safety of OTSC. METHODS Between October 2013 and November 2015, 12 patients underwent OTSC placement by an experienced endoscopist. OTSC was used for the(More)
The precut sphincterotomy is used to facilitate selective biliary access in cases of difficult biliary cannulation. Needle-knife precut papillotomy is the standard of care but is associated with a high rate of complications such as pancreatitis, duodenal perforation, bleeding, etc. Sometimes during bowing of the sphincterotome/cannula and the use of guide(More)
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