Vijay Kumar Challu

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We previously reported interferon gamma secretion by human CD4⁺ and CD8⁺ T cells in response to recombinant E. coli-expressed Rv1860 protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) as well as protection of guinea pigs against a challenge with virulent MTB following prime-boost immunization with DNA vaccine and poxvirus expressing Rv1860. In contrast, a Statens(More)
The search to identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens capable of conferring protective immunity against tuberculosis has received a boost owing to the resurgence of tuberculosis over the past two decades. It has long been recognized that lymphoid cells are required for protection against M. tuberculosis. While traditionally the CD4(+) populations of T(More)
Serine/threonine protein kinases (STPK) play a major role in the physiology and pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Here, we have examined the role of pknE, a STPK in the adaptive responses of M. tuberculosis using a deletion mutant ΔpknE. The survival of ΔpknE was assessed in the presence of stress (pH, surfactant and cell wall–damaging agents) and(More)
BACKGROUND The DevR(DosR) regulon is implicated in hypoxic adaptation and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The present study was designed to decipher the impact of perturbation in DevR-mediated signaling on these properties. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS M. tb complemented (Comp) strains expressing different levels of DevR were constructed in(More)
BACKGROUND The DevR response regulator is implicated in both hypoxic adaptation and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb). DevR regulon genes are powerfully induced in vivo implicating them in bacterial adaptation to host control strategies. A better understanding of DevR function will illumine the way for new strategies to control and treat(More)
This is a study of the virulence of cultures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from pulmonary and extrapulmonary forms of tuberculosis in patients living in or near Bangalore, India. The findings are as follows: 1. The percentage of cultures recovered from cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in Bangalore classified as being of low, moderate, and high(More)
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