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—The problem of computing a route for a mobile agent that incrementally fuses the data as it visits the nodes in a distributed sensor network is considered. The order of nodes visited along the route has a significant impact on the quality and cost of fused data, which, in turn, impacts the main objective of the sensor network, such as target classification(More)
—The Object-Oriented (OO) paradigm has become increasingly popular in recent years. Researchers agree that, although maintenance may turn out to be easier for OO systems, it is unlikely that the maintenance burden will completely disappear. One approach to controlling software maintenance costs is the utilization of software metrics during the development(More)
The relevance gap between academic research and the world of practice is a perennial topic of discussion in all fields, including the information technology disciplines. The common sense view of the issue concludes that academic research frequently fails to address the 'street level' problems that business information technology wrestles with, and so isn't(More)
Human reasoning about non-trivial real world problems is a complex activity that frequently incorporates multiple reasoning strategies, concerning multiple domains of knowledge which may be perceived as having different structures. This paper proposes the use of the " smart object paradigm " for the design of complex knowledge based systems. The paradigm(More)