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This paper presents a fully automatic method to segment the right ventricle (RV) from short-axis cardiac MRI. A combination of a novel window-constrained accumulator thresholding technique, binary difference of Gaussian (DoG) filters, optimal thresholding, and morphology are utilized to drive the segmentation. A priori segmentation window constraints are(More)
We present a comprehensive validation analysis to assess the geometric impact of using coarsely-sliced short-axis images to reconstruct patient-specific cardiac geometry. The methods utilize high-resolution diffusion tensor MRI (DTMRI) datasets as reference geometries from which synthesized coarsely-sliced datasets simulating in vivo MRI were produced. 3D(More)
Myocardial fibrosis detected via delayed-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been shown to be a strong indicator for ventricular tachycardia (VT) inducibility. However, little is known regarding how inducibility is affected by the details of the fibrosis extent, morphology, and border zone configuration. The objective of this article is to(More)
Two authors' names were omitted from the original article, Natalia Trayanova and Michael Miller. The affiliations of Drs. Trayanova and Miller are listed in the amended author list above. The labs of Drs. Trayanova and Miller jointly developed the method used in the original paper to estimate the fiber orientations in each patient's heart. 1 Some fiber(More)
—The task of predicting future relationships in a social network, known as link prediction, has been studied extensively in the literature. Many link prediction methods have been proposed, ranging from common neighbors to probabilistic models. Recent work by Yang et al. [1] has highlighted several challenges in evaluating link prediction accuracy. In(More)
Cloud computing paradigm has ushered in the need to provide resources to users in a scalable, flexible, and transparent fashion much like any other utility. This has led to a need for developing evaluation techniques that can provide quantitative measures of reliability of a cloud computing system (CCS) for efficient planning and expansion. This paper(More)