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English Character Recognition (CR) has been extensively studied in the last half century and progressed to a level, sufficient to produce technology driven applications. But same is not the case for Indian languages which are complicated in terms of structure and computations. Rapidly growing computational power may enable the implementation of Indic CR(More)
Today manipulation of digital images has become easy due to powerful computers, advanced photo-editing software packages and high resolution capturing devices. Verifying the integrity of images and detecting traces of tampering without requiring extra prior knowledge of the image content or any embedded watermarks is an important research field. An attempt(More)
Document segmentation is one of the critical phases in machine recognition of any language. Correct segmentation of individual symbols decides the accuracy of character recognition technique. It is used to decompose image of a sequence of characters into sub images of individual symbols by segmenting lines and words. Devnagari is the most popular script in(More)
Image steganography Steganalysis Image quality measures A B S T R A C T Steganography and steganalysis are the prominent research fields in information hiding paradigm. Steganography is the science of invisible communication while steganalysis is the detection of steganography. Steganography means " covered writing " that hides the existence of the message(More)
This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. In handwritten character recognition, benchmark database plays an important role in evaluating the performance of various algorithms and the(More)
— This paper presents a Devnagari Numerical recognition method based on statistical discriminant functions. and Mahalanobis distance are used for classification. 1500 handwritten numerals are used for training. Another 1500 handwritten numerals are used for testing. Experimental results show that Linear, Quadratic and Mahalanobis discriminant functions(More)