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In this note we consider the following problem. Suppose a set of sensors is jointly trying to estimate a process. One sensor takes a measurement at every time step and the measurements are then exchanged among all the sensors. What is the sensor schedule that results in the minimum error covariance? We describe a stochastic sensor selection strategy that is(More)
This paper deals with the design of control systems over lossy networks. A network is assumed to exist between the sensor and the controller and between the latter and the actuator. Packets are dropped according to a Bernoulli independent process, with γ and μ being the probabilities of losing an observation packet and a control packet respectively, at time(More)
This article provides a survey on state estimation (SE) in electric power grids and examines the impact on SE of the technological changes being proposed as a part of the smart grid development. Although SE at the transmission level has a long history, further research and development of innovative SE schemes, including those for distribution systems, are(More)
We consider the problem of controlling a linear time invariant process when the controller is located at a location remote from where the sensor measurements are being generated. The communication from the sensor to the estimator is supported by a communication network with arbitrary topology composed of channels that stochastically drop packets. Using a(More)
We examine two special cases of the problem of optimal Linear Quadratic Gaussian control of a system whose state is being measured by sensors that communicate with the controller over packet-dropping links. We pose the problem as an information transmission problem. Using a separation principle, we decompose the problem into a standard LQR state-feedback(More)
| System integration is the elephant in the china store of large-scale cyber–physical system (CPS) design. It would be hard to find any other technology that is more undervalued scientifically and at the same time has bigger impact on the presence and future of engineered systems. The unique challenges in CPS integration emerge from the heterogeneity of(More)
The secreted proteomes of a three week old culture of an Indian (190/96) and a German (DAYA) Aspergillus fumigatus isolate were investigated for reactivity with IgG and/or IgE antibodies derived from pooled allergic broncho-pulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) patients' sera. Two dimensional Western blotting followed by mass spectrometric analysis of the reactive(More)
Compressive sensing is an emerging research field that has applications in signal processing, error correction, medical imaging, seismology, and many more other areas. It promises to efficiently recover a sparse signal vector via a much smaller number of linear measurements than its dimension. Naturally, how to design these linear measurements, how to(More)
Tuberculous meningitis (TBM) is the most devastating form of meningitis and prompt diagnosis holds the key to its management. Conventional microbiology has limited utility and nucleic acid-based methods have not been widely accepted for various reasons. In view of the paucibacillary nature of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and the recent demonstration of free(More)