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A multidisciplinary design optimization scheme for ships has been developed for use in an integrated ship design environment. Although the system was designed with the intention of using first principle analysis techniques, the containership design examples presented in this paper make use of surrogate parametric analysis modules developed to examine(More)
Full-system emulation and prototyping is now being used widely in the industry for System-on-Chip (SoC) verification. Emulation/ prototyping platforms run tests in a fraction of time compared to the traditional simulation based verification. However, unlike simulation, they do not provide visibility into the hardware design source code. As a result, they(More)
Volker Hütten is head of the Numerical Design department of Siemens Oil & Gas Division, in Duisburg, Germany since 2010. During his more than 21 years in this company he is responsible for the machinery dynamics of compressors and compressor trains of order related tasks. He has been active in correlating analytical results with field data in numerous(More)
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