Vijay Gaikwad

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In this paper, a technique for the identification of the unwanted lane departure of a traveling vehicle on a road is proposed. A piecewise linear stretching function (PLSF) is used to improve the contrast level of the region of interest (ROI). Lane markings on the road are detected by dividing the ROI into two subregions and applying the Hough transform in(More)
In recent years there has been a proliferation in the use of large-scale, passively collected digital trace data to study the mobility and migration patterns of individuals in developing countries. Analysis of mobile phone and social media data, among other sources, has immediate policy applications that range from disease monitoring and city planning to(More)
Due to progress in the vehicular technology, vehicles have gradually become a popular form of transportation in people's daily life. The stability and the performance of the vehicles has been the subject of much attraction. Road vehicle engines are controlled by engine management system (EMS) in which fault identification & diagnosis is the vital part.(More)
This paper proposes a supervised change detection technique for multitemporal remote sensing images. The technique is presented after studying three different models for change detection using neural network and assimilating the unique feature of each of the model. The technique is based on Hopfield neural network modified to model spatial correlation(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel framework for pedestrian detection based on edgelet features and k-means classifier. Initially, edges of the pedestrian objects are extracted and edge map is prepared. Edgelet features are then used for detecting the pedestrians with diverse positions and appearances based on template matching technique. Classification is(More)
In recent years, pedestrian detection (PD) plays a vital role in a variety of applications such as security cameras, automotive control and so forth. These applications require two essential features, i.e. high speed performance and high accuracy. Firstly, the accuracy is determined by how the image features are described. The image feature description must(More)
Usage of electricity is rapidly increasing. As it finds it's application in every field of human development. The primary and the most prevalent source of electricity is the fossil fuel which is notoriously known source of the global warming. Conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is one of the best solution to reduce fossil fuel consumption,(More)
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