Vijay G. Bharadwaj

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The demand for Internet bandwidth has grown rapidly in the past few years A new generation of broadband satellite constellations promise to provide high speed Internet connectivity to areas not served by optical ber cable or other high speed terrestrial connections However using satellite links to supply high bandwidth has been di cult due to problems with(More)
Although the notion of negotiation has been used extensively in secure communication protocols to establish common keying states, protocol modes and services, this notion is only now emerging in the area of access control policies. In this paper, we review the motivation for access policy negotiation and we provide some examples of use in practice. In(More)
High bandwidth satellites hold out the promise of a rapidly deployable communications infrastructure with a natural support for mobility. However, the Transmission Control Protocol, widely used in the Internet, performs poorly over satellite links, and this presents an obstacle to the deployment of such systems. We present an architecture that overcomes(More)
There has been a large amount of research dedicated to extending the asymmetric networks provided by receive-only Direct Broadcast Satellite systems like Hughes Network Systems' DirecPCTM product. One way to further develop Direct Broadcast Satellite services and to o set the high initial cost of these systems is to implement techniques that will allow one(More)
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