Vijay Dureja

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A low cost ferruginous manganese ore (FMO) has been studied for the removal of arsenic from groundwater. The major mineral phases present in the FMO are pyrolusite and goethite. The studied FMO can adsorb both AS(III) and As(V) without any pre-treatment, adsorption of As(III) being stronger than that of As(V). Both As(II) and As(V) are adsorbed by the FMO(More)
A detailed study has been presented on groundwater metal contents of Sahebgunj district in the state of Jharkhand, India with special reference to arsenic. Both tubewell and well waters have been studied separately with greater emphasis on tubewell waters. Groundwaters of all the nine blocks of Sahebgunj district have been surveyed for iron, manganese,(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Laparoscopic surgery is the choice for gynaecological surgery these days, but pneumoperitoneum (PNO) and trendelenburg position increase the intraocular pressure (IOP) leading to decrease in perfusion of retina and at times the significant risk of ischemic retinopathy. Our present aim is to find out the suitable combination of induction(More)
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