Vijay Devarapalli

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There are indications that the next generation mobile communication systems will shift away from the traditional vertically integrated approach in system design and instead allow access to a set of services through a variety of heterogeneous access technologies. To some extent this transition is already taking place with the introduction of WLAN (IEEE(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) is a dynamic, multi-hop and autonomous network composed of light wireless mobile nodes. Multicast has great importance in MANET due to their inherent broadcast capability. However, due to the dynamic topology of MANETs to build optimal multicast trees and maintaining group membership a lot many control messages required. These(More)
Large Proxy Mobile IPv6 deployments would benefit from a functionality where a Mobile Access Gateway could dynamically discover a Local Mobility Anchor for a Mobile Node attaching to a Proxy Mobile IPv6 domain. The purpose of the dynamic discovery functionality is to reduce the amount of static configuration in the Mobile Access Gateway. This document(More)
Privacy when using IP communication has become an important problem. It is a challenging problem that spans multiple layers in the OSI reference model with various constant identifiers that can be profiled. This leads to user privacy concerns. Location Privacy, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with revealing a user’s identity as a function of(More)
Enterprise users require mobility and secure connectivity when they roam and connect to the services offered in the enterprise. Secure connectivity is required when the user connects to the enterprise from an untrusted network. Mobility is beneficial when the user moves, either inside or outside the enterprise network, and acquires a new IP address. This(More)