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A Cross-Sectional Survey on the Awareness of Pesticide Labels and Pesticide Safety Pictograms among Paddy Farming In South India
Abstract Background: Hazardous pesticides continue to be used in the farming industry purely because of economic reasons. Farmers need to understand this risk. Pesticide labels and pictograms wereExpand
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Snake Venom - The New Rage to Get High!
The insatiable craving of mankind for mind-altering substances is affirmed by the fact that newer drugs have continuously been evolving over centuries. A recent strange trend in India is snake venomExpand
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“Study of substance abuse among street children near Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore”
Background: Abuse of psycho active substances has been a problem in the society since ages. And the patterns of substances abused keep changing in every society. Street children are a marginalizedExpand
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The Scolecophidia represent an early divergence in the extant snake lineages. As a group they are of little human interest due to their burrowing habits, small size and lack of danger to people.Expand
Study of Students’ Perception Regarding Open Book Assessment and Closed Book Exams
Background - An “open book examination” is one in which students are allowed to refer to their notes,textbooks, and other approved material while answering questions. This practice is mostly unheardExpand
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Introduction: Human identification plays a vital role in any crime investigation. Along with the various other established methods, cheiloscopy also plays a key role in linking the criminal with theExpand