Vijay D. Anand

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BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to establish the buffalo mammary epithelial cell line (BuMEC) and characterize its mammary specific functions. METHODOLOGY Buffalo mammary tissue collected from the slaughter house was processed enzymatically to obtain a heterogenous population of cells containing both epithelial and fibroblasts cells. Epithelial(More)
UNLABELLED Mammary gland is an exocrine and sebaceous gland made up of branching network of ducts that end in alveoli. Milk is synthesized in the alveoli and secreted into alveolar lumen. Mammary gland represents an ideal system for the study of organogenesis that undergoes successive cycles of pregnancy, lactation and involution. To gain insights on the(More)
Interpretation of clinical laboratory results, aside from clinical considerations, is based on the probability of the result being within a given normal range. This probability is influenced by the degree of error inherent in the analytical method. It would be advantageous to assign a more definite probability to the result of the measurement by combining(More)
The studies described here were performed to characterize further the plasma membrane associated protein BsSco, which is the product of the gene ypmQ, in Bacillus subtilis. BsSco is a member of the Sco family of proteins found in the inner mitochondrial membrane of yeast and humans and implicated as an accessory protein in the assembly of the Cu(A) site of(More)
Mammary gland is made up of a branching network of ducts that end in alveoli. Terminally differentiated mammary epithelial cells (MECs) constitute the innermost layer of aveoli. They are milk-secreting cuboidal cells that secrete milk proteins during lactation. Little is known about the expression profile of proteins in the metabolically active MECs during(More)
BACKGROUND A dearth in understanding the behavior of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) at the scale of populations and individuals has left important management issues, particularly related to human-elephant conflict (HEC), unresolved. Evaluation of differences in behavior and decision-making among individual elephants across groups in response to changing(More)
Analyses for trace elements in biological fluids are uniquely susceptible to extreme errors unless special precautions are taken during collection, storage, and analysis. The integrity of the specimen may be compromised before it is analyzed, by contamination during collection and processing or by attenuation of the analyte concentration during storage. (More)