Vijay Choudhary

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In recent years, the massive influx of information onto internet has facilitated user, not only retrieving information, but also discovering facts. However, web users usually suffer from the information overload problem due to the fact of significantly increasing and rapidly expanding growth in amount of information on the mobile web. Web personalization(More)
In recent years, information technology has grown much and modern era is of digital information. DNA cryptography is a new born technology based on DNA computing. Biological DNA has extraordinary potential to fulfill the modern computing requirements as well as to secure large scale information. DNA has vast parallelism, high information density and(More)
Biometric techniques have inherent advantages over traditional personal identification technique. Biometric techniques uses a mechanism to scan and capture a digital or analog image of a living personal characteristic and a matching system to match input biometric image to stored biometric templates. Among various commercially available biometric techniques(More)
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