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In this year's WMT translation task, Finnish-English was introduced as a language pair of competition for the first time. We present experiments examining several variations on a morphologically-aware statistical phrase-based machine translation system for translating Finnish into English. Our system variations attempt to mitigate the issue of rich(More)
We report a case of an occipital arachnoid cyst in an infant, managed on the basis of changes in visually evoked potentials (VEPs). A significant asymmetry of VEP responses prompted neurosurgical intervention, which improved visual behavior and electrical response to both pattern and flash stimuli.
—Applications of body sensor networks (BSN) in health-care are growing rapidly. The number of implanted sensors used to accurately prognose and diagnose the medical-conditions are increasing. The implanted medical devices (IMD), for example pacemakers are improvised for delivering patient-centric therapies. These IMD require continuous pathological(More)
The use of wireless sensor networks (WSN) in health-care has been rapidly increased in the last few years. Miniaturization of sensor nodes, in-body data communication, bio-compatibility are the main outcomes of the ongoing extensive research on nano-technology, wireless communication and bio-medical engineering, respectively. Sensing of various(More)
—In recent years, the use of wireless sensor networks for vibration monitoring is emphasized, because of its capability to continuously monitor at hard-to-reach locations of complex machines. Low power consumption is one of the main requirements for the sensor nodes in continuous and long-term vibration monitoring. However, the power consumption of(More)
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