Vignesh Raghuraman

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The kinetic parameters and some enzymatic characteristics of human platelet and chicken gizzard transglutaminases were determined. Activity of the transglutaminases was regulated by calmodulin. These enzymes co-isolated with alpha-actinin and were dissociated from alpha-actinin by gel filtration and absorption onto a calmodulin affinity column.(More)
PURPOSE To analyse the clinical characteristics and treatment outcome of zone 1 Fulminate type of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) and compare it to Conventional ROP. METHODS Preterm infants from two neonatal intensive care units (NICU) born between July 2002 and November 2003 were screened for ROP. Cases with Conventional ROP were classified according to(More)
Investigations were carried out to evaluate the probable effect of anaemia due to food restriction on the oestrous cycle of mice. Female mice were divided into four groups and maintained on normal and restricted diet for 21 days as follows: Group I, maintained on ad libitum food; Group II, 25% diet restriction (2.7 g/day/animal); Group III, 50% diet(More)
Nutritional deficiencies, menstrual irregularities and anaemia are commonly noticed among women in our population. To understand if nutritional anaemia could also be a contributing factor for secondary amenorrhoea (SA) in addition to various other factors known, a total of 50 patients, married and unmarried with SA of 3 months to 24 months duration were(More)
Remote Health monitoring involves continuous monitoring of vital signs and transmission of alert signals to the physician when vital sign values fluctuate above or below the threshold. Existing healthcare systems obtain the vital data of a patient periodically and require the intervention of a doctor to detect the severity of abnormality which is time(More)
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