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On the Path to Homeownership: Money, Family Composition and Low-income Households
In Norway, as in many other countries, homeownership is encouraged politically, and a majority of the households become homeowners at some stage in their life cycle. Many households move house whenExpand
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Regional Patterns in Vacancies, Exits and Rental Housing
Utilization of the housing stock is determined by the interplay between a slowly adjusted housing stock and changing regional patterns. Temporal mismatch between adjustments of the housing stock andExpand
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Population dynamics and ethnic geographies in Oslo: the impact of migration and natural demographic change on ethnic composition and segregation
This paper explores demographic processes behind ethnic geographies in Oslo. We compare data for census tracts in 2001 and 2011, and decompose ethnic composition and segregation on local mobility,Expand
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A Norwegian perspective on buildings and climate change
The current Norwegian climate research structures, policies and priorities, mitigation and adaptation options are discussed as well as the development of local climate change projections andExpand
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Tenure flexibility and the supply of private rental housing
Abstract This paper examines the decision by an owner on whether to sell or let a dwelling not used by the owner’s family. The paper shows that both qualitatively and quantitatively differentExpand
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From the Kitchen Floor to the Basement - Sharing Arrangements in two Centuries
Letting part of the home is one form of sharing. Such arrangements can be found in both rental and owner-occupied housing units. In this article we discuss the mechanisms that generate sharingExpand
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Utilisation of the Stock of Owner-occupied Single-family Houses: An Econometric Analysis
In many 'single-family' houses, the owner has the option to let a part of the house to another party or to use the entire house for her own purposes. This paper uses a stochastic utility framework toExpand
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Housing allowances, mobility and crowded living: the Norwegian case
Housing allowances should enable economically weak households to accommodate in good quality housing. Utilizing a special feature of the Norwegian housing allowance system, we study how housingExpand
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Cost Dispersion, Reentry Costs, and Rental Housing Markets
Abstract The housing stock is assumed to be tenure flexible in the paper. A rental housing unit can be sold at the prevailing market price or it can be let. In the presence of reentry costs a saleExpand
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A Housing Career Perspective on Risk
Abstract The main question analyzed in the article is how uncertainty in the asset price of owner-occupied housing capital affects user costs and consequently housing demand. The analysis isExpand
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